Established Accountancy in Kells, Co. Meath Over 20 Years Offering expert Taxation and Accountancy Advice

Constantly evolving along the Journey with our Clents

About us

Established in 1999 to provide expert advice to Small and Medium Size Business


Frank McGivney is a qualified Chartered Management Accountant who achieved consistently top marks in exams. He Also has a first Class honours degree in Business and finance and has over 30 years experience working in the Accountancy Profession and providing Taxation Consultancy.


The mission of Frank McGivney & Co is to provide a professional taxation and accountancy service in a manner which is accessible to everyone. Each client is treated with the same high level of respect and given the same high level of expertise and advice


We are experts in all areas of Taxation but more than that we offer a fully comprehensive service to guide clients along the journey they will take of being self employed. The learning curve of going out on your own is wonderful to observe and we are delighted to advice people along the way. We find that a lot of people once self employed could never go back to been employees, the experience is too rich and rewarding both in monetary terms and enrichment of the whole life exeperience


Proactive is a word thrown about at random but we demonstrate its use in our firm all the time.
We contact client to ensure they bring in their receipts so they can meet their obligations.
We create concrete structures for businesses which we monitor to ensure necessary changes to meet the evolution of their businesses.
We analyse returns and accounts to highlight areas of concern before they become problems.
We interact with clients to meet their needs in an ever changing environment.

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