Forensic Accounting
Civil and Criminal to High Court Level

We are there for the most stressful experiences to make it all easier to handle


One of the most stressful experiences in any person's life is standing in a court room surrounded by members of the legal profession who often appear to talk in another language with a Judge looking down at you and everyone else. We will be there to help to provide logical analysis of cases which are evidence based and which provide logical answers to complex problems


We have prepared reports in successful commercial cases in both the circuit and high court. It is what we love to do. We are given a complex commercial brief and we analysis it to come up with a report which is based on logical deductions provides logical analysis of complex questions.

Divorce and Separation

Unfortunately love doesn't always last as long as a divorce case. We prepare court reports analysising the net worth of the both parties both for submission on behalf of our client and in order to ensure the accuracy of the figure given by the soon to be ex wife or husband, We know how stressful the whole procedure can be and we will guide you through it


We have prepared reports for presentation in Criminal Cases. where for instance the DPP is contending the wealth of an individual we can analysis the claims to ensure their accuracy and to present a clear evidence based breakdown of what exactly a person owns and to verify the source of income where there is dispute as to the origins of funds