We evolve by enriching both ourselves and our clients with each others unique experience

How do
we work

We have had the pleasure of working with thousands of clients who operate in the full spectrum of industries. It has been both a learning curve for us and for them as they gain from our taxation and accountancy expertise and we evolve from learning from their experiences along the self employment journey


Clothes to thumb tags, Motor Factors to Car Dealerships, Irish Dancing Dresses to High Fashion. Our clients have sold it all and we have provided them with the advice they need along the way. From registration to vat returns to income tax, we will guide you through it all in a tax efficient way and when you are ready to open up your second boutique or build an extension to your existing shop we will provide the plan and the advice necessary to make it succeed


We have extensive experience in providing services to the building industry. From plumbers and plasterers to large property Developers we have provided invaluable expertise. We will put in place a strong financial structure to ensure you meet all of your taxation obligations while providing the resources to determine if individual projects are profitable. Will taking on a new employee add wealth to your company, will the million euro road contract be profitable after paying all your expenses?

Can you take on a contract where you aren't paid for 60 days and how will you finance it? We can provide you with solutions to these challenges


The backbone of any economy is feeding the people both here and abroad. We have a wide range of farmers from those who started buying cattle in the 50's to those who took over their parents acres in the 00's with an agricultural degree and a wealth of new idea and plans for the future. Everything from Income Tax to vat Reclaims to Inheritance, we have the expertise to minimise your taxes and provide a concrete plan to secure the future sustainability of your Farm

Service Providers

Everyone from Taxi drivers to architects, computer programmers to project managers. We provide the advice to structure your business, to meet your tax obligations. We advice on wealth management for every client irrespective of their net worth.