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The most important aspect of any business is to lay a strong foundation. This is where our expert advice is invaluable. We will ensure your dream becomes a reality in a solid business focused and profitable way

How do I start in business?

Have a good idea, preferably something which you have a passion about so you can drive it forward in a profitable way while enjoying the whole experience. Once you have an idea we can go through it with you and provide analysis to see if it has the potential to be profitable and draw on our 20 years of experience to help you design a business plan which will allow you to reach for your dreams

Business Plans

We have been told by banks and state agenicies that the business plans we produce are of the best quality they have ever seen. Whether you need one for a grant or back to work allowance or to determine if your proposed business is viable then we can provide the best on the market

Structure Sole Trader or Company

You need to make a measured decision as to how your business will be structured. We will provide you with a detailed analysis of pros and cons of different structures. We then monitor your financials and risk profiles to assess if you need to evolve your business

Growing Together

The beauty of our profession is being a guiding light in people blossoming from start-ups to highly successful, profitable businesses. What is successful depends on your self for some its a company with a multi million turnover for others it a small business providing a steady regular income. We will be with you every step of the way and as you benefit from our experience we learn and benefit from your adventure along the path of self employment.