for SMEs

Freedom is facing the Revenue Commissioners knowing We have prepared everything perfectly for you


We have been providing Taxation consultancy to small and medium size enterprises for over 20 years with dynamic and innovative solutions

income Tax

We provide a holistic approach to creating a tax plan for every client which is both individual to their circumstances. Our service evolves as your business grows and prospers to take the maximum benefit of the taxation reliefs and credits available to you

Corporation Tax

We live in an ever changing world where the economy and the markets are constantly evolving offering both new exciting opportunities along with threats to your success. We offer a progressive service which allows you to avail of opportunities and which transforms threats into challenges to be over come.
We will prepare your annual accounts and your corporation tax returns giving you wealth management advice as to how best to reduce your tax liabilities while maximising the funds which go to you and minimising the amount to go to the Revenue Commissioners


We offer a comprehensive VAT Service
Every two months we text or email you to send us in your sales and purchases, we then sort through them, prepare your Vat return and send you a summary and arrange for payment of your liability. If a refund then we determine should it be used to pay other outstanding taxes, would it be wise to put it against Preliminary income or Corporation Tax or should it be refunded.

It's more than just a VAT service - it is a dynamic management of your VAT obligations

We also give you advice and deal with more complex VAT matters such as imports and exports and Intra EU trade.

Employer Payroll And Taxes

The Revenue Commissioners have implemented a new modern real time system for returning your payroll details and taxes.
We provide weekly payroll services to clients
You just need to email or text or ring in your wages, we prepare the wages and email you back a weekly summary of all payroll costs. Each month we then send you a breakdown of how much tax you owe for payroll taxes. We then advice to pay it or use tax credits such as RCT to cover the liability.
We also can set you with the CWPS if you are in the construction industry and maximise the tax benefits of country money for employees

Relevant Contract Tax

We are experts in giving advice to subcontractors and principals in the building industry.
We will mange your RCT deductions to ensure you utilise your tax deductions in the most tax efficient way and hopefully get you a refund if beneficial.
For Principals we get you to ring in or email the payments you are making to subcontractors. We input them immediately into the Revenue system and tell you how much you need to deduct from each sub contractor and how much you can pay them.